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Winslett Vinyards
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A Vineyard Getting Better with Age.
↳ The Product
Winslet Vineyards is located in the highly competitive market in Sonoma County, California and has established itself as a reputable wine-maker.
↳ The Process
On a fast timeline, I was able to organise discovery meetings to understand the brand's multi-faceted history. Then, we began sketching various concepts and showed them to stake-holders for approval. Once the logo was agreed upon, it served as a guidepost for the rest of the visual design. The logo is both traditional and modern. It is a ligature of a "W" and a "V", the initials of Winslet Vinyards. The logo is successsful because it is simple yet memorable. Once we had defined the visual language, we created a brand book for future designers to bring this brand to life.
↳ Project Goals
However, they were struggling to adapt to the times and attract younger audiences. The goal was to create a brand that has the credibility of an established vineyard while appealing to the younger generations to increase market share and customer lifetime value.
↳ My Role
Project Manager, Lead Designer, Brand Designer
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