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View Live Project
Branding for a Performance Bicycle
↳ The Product
Cerca has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of performance bicycles, revolutionizing the riding experience for enthusiasts worldwide. The company introduces an exciting array of new models and a vibrant spectrum of colors, offering riders the unprecedented opportunity to customize their next journey. Cerca's commitment to innovation is palpable in every detail, inviting cyclists to feel the radical performance that sets their bicycles apart.
↳ The Process
I conducted a Brand Sprint to define key aspects of the brand and to give us a roadmap of what the brand needs to accomplish. Then we went through two rounds of Moodboards to agree on a vision. After we defined the deliverables, I used what we defined in the Brand Sprint and the visual language from the Mood Boards and created the final logo and brand elements.
↳ Project Goals
The goal of this project is to create a beautifully memorable brand that allows Cerca to grow into it's fullest potential.
↳ My Role
Brand Designer, Art Director
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