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Modern Brand with Traditional Publishing Roots
↳ The Product
Brandwise Media is an international branding and marketing company transforming authors and executives into bestsellers, influencers, keynote speakers, and movement makers.
↳ The Process
We strategically selected the name "Brandwise Media" to convey expertise. The logo design blended modernity with vintage book cover elements, balancing contemporary vibrancy with classic sophistication. A meticulously crafted brand book defined the color palette, typography, and storytelling strategy. The revitalized brand successfully bridged the gap between modernity and tradition, attracting thought-leaders and establishing Brandwise Media as a prominent player in transforming authors and executives into industry leaders and influencers.
↳ Project Goals
Brandwise Media sought to modernize its brand while preserving traditional publication charm, aiming to resonate with thought-leaders seeking a robust online presence.
↳ My Role
Brand Designer, Project Manager
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